Before you Order

Please read ALL of the information below before you order. I promise it will make everything go more smoothly from the time you check out until the day you receive your tubers.



-If you don’t already know your USDA plant hardiness zone look it up now here: IT IS EASY!

You will be asked to give that zone during checkout and answering the question with something like ‘West Texas’ or ‘outside of Chicago’ really isn’t helpful.

-When you place an order and check out, adding to that order it is not possible. Place another order. If you want those orders shipped together, write in the PREVIOUS order number(s) in the NOTES section of the checkout page and I will ship them together. Any shipping overages will be refunded at the time of shipping. If you do not include the previous order number I will assume you want your orders to be shipped in the order they were received.



-If you have questions about your order, please contact me via EMAIL and include your ORDER NUMBER.

-Do NOT contact me about your order through any social media messaging system. I probably won’t get it and I will disregard it if I do happen to see it months from now. If you order some boots from LL Bean, do you Facebook message them when you have a question? NO. Same rules apply here.

Customer service is VERY important to me! I want you to be pleased with your experience! That is why I need to be contacted in a consistent way.


Shipping and Receipt

-You will be able to choose a shipping window by USDA zone during checkout. If you select a date that is earlier than your hardiness zone, you assume all risk of transit damage.

-The tagged tubers are packed in bags with coarse vermiculite and nestled down in crumpled packing paper. When you receive your order, open it up and check it out. If there are any issues with your order, you must contact me within 2 days of receipt. (see TERMS of SALE)