Dahlia Wine Eyed Jill

Dahlia Wine Eyed Jill

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Wine Eyed Jill is a wonderful 2-3” ball that ranges in color from warm buttery yellow to cool light pink tipped in the center with shades of claret to blackberry. This is the second year I have attempted to single out the yellow and pink clumps and I threw in the towel when a half yellow, half pink flower showed up in late September.

Many of the pink flowers have petals brushed with yellow and many of the yellow flowers have more pink to them and they are all worth having in your cutting garden. I have consistently found that this little flower has the ability to add the perfect final flourish to any design.

Wine Eyed Jill is available in 2 options:

1 Tuber for $6


6 tubers for $30…… Save $1 per Tuber and up your chance of having more of a range between pink and yellow with this option.

I have separated out the red from the original mix (I’m going to call her Claret Jill)



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