Dahlia Karma Choc

Dahlia Karma Choc


Dahlias don’t smell…. except for this one. The faint chocolate scent emitted from these Gorgeous babes throws the rule book out on what dahlias do in the smelling department. What is it about chocolate colored flowers that make them want to smell like, um, chocolate?

A constant supply of deep 4” burgundy/black water lily formed blooms top shiny black foliage on a 3.5’ plant. When they are left to open fully bloom on the plant, the older petals take on a cast that brings to mind the dusty velvet chaise in an abandoned Victorian parlor.

Excellent cut flower choice! This variety also has a place in the border garden ….Chocolate garden or Night & Day Garden anyone?

PS- Did you know that the entire Karma series was bred specifically for the cut flower industry?



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