Dahlia French Doll

Dahlia French Doll


French Doll was a top 5 favorite of the 100 or so new dahlias I trialed this year. It’s adorable 2.5-3” flowers are the sweetest shade of peach morphing to pale yellow towards the center on a 3.5’ plant. It looks like an antique rose that has fully opened. French Doll produces flowers that are more closed as well- there is variability. Absolutely precious!



I had to learn a lot of new dahlias as they opened this year and when French Doll started blooming, I kept looking at it from a distance and wondering what it was. (I DO keep a detailed a field map but didn’t have it on hand at the moment) I wasn’t sold on them until back at the pack shed. That was when I fell head over heels!

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