Dahlia Catching Fire

Dahlia Catching Fire


Catching Fire is a new dahlia on the scene and I couldn’t resist breaking away from the more bridey selections I trial and seeing what this brave one was all about. I am glad I did because I think she is a striking addition to the ‘party flower’ repertoire. I can guarantee that your farmers market customers will make a beeline for them as well- trust me! 5” flowers COVER the 3.5’ plants. One of the things I loved about Dahlia Catching Fire is that the cuttable stems were each topped with 3 flowers (1 bigger main, 2 smaller sides) opening about the same time. They also have a great vase life.

This would be fun mixed with Dahlia ‘K-Andy’, Monarda ‘Jacob Cline’, Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’ and rich green foliage. If you need a flower to suit a tartan themed event, Catching Fire is a must!



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